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    I am a fond user of TextPad as well as BC. TextPad has a couple of very useful features I would love to see in BC

    Extend the bookmark function with Regular Expression searches that can do a mark/unmark for lines containing a search match. Add copy / search-within marked lines. To extend this - it would be fantastic if the marks could be saved as part of a compare definition for a directory or file pair. When you are navigating 10's of megabytes of data - it is so easy to get lost. Maybe one even could add a comment to a mark - so that when you reopen the compare - you would be able to quickly identify the points of interest.

    I would also love a certain level of syntax highlites - we have a lot of data logs that have a syntax that would greatly benefit from being able to highlite f.x. a timestamp or sequence number.

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    Re: Search and Mark

    Thanks for your suggestions! I use TextPad as well and I love its mark-line handling. I hope to get similar handling into BC3's File Viewer. And, we're working on syntax highlighting also.
    Tim T Scooter Software