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    Hi everybody!

    I have a suggestion to improve everydays dealing with this realy great product:
    A very usefull feature was the introduction of converting-rules. I often compare files, that must be converted through a certain program, but they have the extension '.DAT'. Many other filetypes have this extension too, but the converter fails, unless it is the correct type of file.

    This is how i helped me out of this mess:
    When I know that I want to compare DAT files, which must not be converted, I started BC without any parameters and changed the matching extension from '*.DAT' to '-.DAT'. Now I left BC in order to reinvoke it from the Explorer context-menu. After that i rechanged '-.DAT' to '*.DAT'.

    This works, but is rather complicated. My suggestion is to add checkboxes to the list of rules at the options. This would ease the handling of filetypes.

    Take a look at this photo-montage ;-)


    Bye Christoph

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    Re: Managing rules

    BC uses the first rule that it encounters that matches the file extension, so the easiest way to turn a rule off or on is to move it below the Everything *.* association. That way Everything *.* will catch it and the *.dat association will not be used.

    Another option is to have the rule call a script that conditionally converts the file or passes it through unchanged based on contents or some other attribute.
    Chris K Scooter Software