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  • Window managment

    Hi everybody!

    Another suggestion from me: When comparing directories and then opening one file, the fileviewer opens. but I always wondered: Where is the directory-window gone? Ah, from the 'Windows' menu you can switch back to the directory view.
    Uups, where is the fileviever gone?

    I mean, as far as I can see, BC has only one real window. But when I have a fileviewer open, i sometimes don't know, whether I invoked it directly or from the directory-view.
    My suggestion:
    When invoked from the directory-view, the fileviewer should be a child of the directory-view with on own close-button. So you can easily choose to either close the fileviewer or BC completely.
    Believe me, this confused me already sometimes ...

    Again a nice photo-montage:


    Bye Christoph

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    Re: Window managment

    maybe we also can let each viewer has a separate icon in task bar.


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      Re: Window managment

      Somehow related:

      Currently if you start BC with FileViewer from exporer context, you can't access sessions -- you got to close BC and start it "formally".

      It would be nice to change this behavior, isn't it?


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        Re: Window managment

        I'll add it to the wish list.

        I know we're also looking at having a Composite view that would display the file viewer in a pane of the Folder Viewer.

        Thanks for the suggestion.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Re: Window managment

          I added your suggestion to the wish list.


          A way to launch Folder Viewer from file viewer is on our wish list. Sessions for file comparison sessions is also on the wish list.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            Re: Window managment

            Sometimes it occurs to me also.
            The problem is that you don't have a visual clue.

            As a workaround what I do, is to just press Ctrl-Tab, (instead of the windows menu) that cycle between the opened windows. If nothing happens you have the FileViewer alone. If you switch to the folder viewer, well, it was called from there


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              Re: Window managment

              a multi-tab window stytle is also can be considered.
              Just like the document tab in editplus.