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  • Desktop - Notebook (big) with memory-stick (small

    Hi and greetings from Austria,

    I have something for the wishlist (or am just not able to figure out how do do it).

    I synch my Notebook (which normally stays in the company) and my Desktop at home with Beyond Compare.

    The directories I synch are approx 5 Gb big, but the changes every day are about 200 Mb to transfer. So at the moment I am using a USB-Harddisk and have all the directories on that harddisk.

    I thought about carring an easier USB-Stick with my and Synching just the changes to that stick.

    So it would have to work like this:
    Compare real directory on notebook with snapshot of desktop-directory. Copying all changed files to USB-Stick and storing Snapshot of Notebook on USB stick.
    At home compare Desktop-Directory with Snapshot of Notebook directory, making necessary changes and fetching changed files form USB-stick.

    I hope its understandable what I want to achive. Wouldd this be possible now or is it something for the wishlist ?


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    Re: Desktop - Notebook (big) with memory-stick (s

    Yes, you can do this with the current BC. Here's a technique I call "SneakerNet":

    Before leaving machine A to go to machine B, make a snapshot of A and store it on the USB-Stick. Then, before leaving B to go back to A, do a comparison of B(live) with A(snapshot). Limit the view to only new or modified files from B. Select them, pick "Copy to Folder", and copy them onto the USB-Stick, into a folder called "B2A". Also, make a snapshot of B and store it on the USB-Stick. You can delete the old A snapshot to save space.

    When you get back to A, you can synchronize A(live) with the B2A folder on the USB-Stick. When you are done, delete the files in B2A to save space.

    Do the opposite thing to transport new and changed files from A to B, using a folder on the USB-Stick called A2B.

    I hope this helps! It's a little tedious, and you have to be careful, but it should work. Perhaps we can automate some of the steps in a future version of BC.
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      Re: Desktop - Notebook (big) with memory-stick (s

      Many Thanks

      I have to test it, sounds interesting, a lot of scripting-work, especially If i really want to mirror the directories (also delete files) but it is worth a try.

      (But I would be glad to see some automatic functions in future versions