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Additional Rules Definitions on Terminal Server

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  • Additional Rules Definitions on Terminal Server

    Does anyone know how to add new rules definition on a Windows 2000 Terminal Server who work for all user who make logon to the server?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Additional Rules Definitions on Terminal Serve

    You can share sessions in an xml file set in the Folder Viewer section of Tools|Options. BC will automatically merge the sessions with the user's sessions on startup.

    It isn't possible to automatically merge in rules. You can export the rule as xml using Tools|Export and have the users import the rule into their personal settings using Tools|Import.

    Normally BC stores settings in the registry on a per-user basis. You can create a file named BC2.xml in the beyond compare program directory to force BC to read and save settings to xml files. If Users aren't going to use BC simultaneously this will share all settings between users. It could cause problems if more than one user might be using BC at once.

    To convert your registry settings to the xml files, do a Tools|Export of Everything, copy the xml files into your BC directory, and then rename the Prefs.xml to BC2.xml to have BC run using your settings from a file.

    The Tools|Export Tools|Import is probably the best way to share rules.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Additional Rules Definitions on Terminal Serve