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  • Line endings question

    Hi. I just downloaded the demo today. I'm curious about how Beyond Compare handles line endings. For example, if I insert a line, how does it know whether I intend a Unix vs. DOS format for the line ending?

    Also, let's say I load a file that got mixed up and has both formats. Is there a way I can have Beyond Compare search and correct this? Or maybe simple tell it upon saving what I want?

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    Re: Line endings question

    BC follows the line ending format used by the rest of the text file.

    You can show line endings using View|Show Whitespace.

    BC can't change line endings within a file. Normally it doesn't compare line endings. If you want to include line endings in the comparison, check the Line Endings check box in the Whitespace Includes section of the options for a rule.

    You might be able to fix files with mixed endings in a text editor. If that doesn't work you can use a hex editor to manually fix the line endings.

    I will add changing the line endings to the wish list.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Line endings question

      You can change the line endings in a file by using the "Save As..." command in the file viewer. Under the normal "Filename" and "File Type" dropdowns are additional options for line endings and character encoding.
      Zoë P Scooter Software


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        Re: Line endings question