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kinda frustrated - can't see all directories?

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  • kinda frustrated - can't see all directories?

    I'm pretty frustrated, trying out the new product (I have a license that is a few years old)... but can only see 2 directories and it seems not as intuitive as the older version. All I want to do is see if it will work in my environment. I have the trial. and so far it has not shown any files, finally got it showing directory names.???
    I think it should show the directory and files underneath and whether or not they match???

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    Re: kinda frustrated - can\'t see all directories?

    The quickest way to start a new comparison in BC2 is to use the "New" command in the "Session" menu. That starts a wizard that will walk you through setting up a new comparison.

    A lot of the visual changes in BC2 were to allow more dynamic changes to the comparison, but we do have a Session dialog that's similar to BC1's. It's available in the Session menu, under the "Session Manager" option, and you can set up all of your sessions from that once place. If you want BC2 to always start with that, there's an setting in the Options dialog (Tools->Options), under "Startup".

    The biggest changes in the folder viewer are that folders can be filtered as well as files. If you want BC1's behavior, where folders are always visible, just set the "Always Show Folders" option in the "View" menu. Normally they're colored based on the comparison if the files they contain, but you can disable that too, in the Options dialog under "Folder Viewer/Colors".

    We also have a webpage that gives a high-level overview of the major changes between 1.9 and 2.0, at

    I hope that helps. If there's anything else you're wondering about or having trouble with let me know.
    Zoë P Scooter Software