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  • Rational ClearCase integration

    Here's a feature request that would save me a ton of time... I replicate a large Java-based project between an offline disc and a networked clearcase drive. When clearcase is installed in Windows, there are two ways to check out - I can do it through the clearcase explorer (which shows icons and such) or through the regular windows explorer, which has a clearcase submenu attached to it where I can check in/out files. What I have to do with BC is to find all differences, then open a separate window and browse to those files and check them out first, then move the files over. Naturally, this takes a lot of time as I have to locate each file in the other window in order to check it out. If BC could grab that context-sensitive menu (which also includes winzip, sendTo, ultraedit, etc.) then I could check out files right where BC is and not have to use the second window. Possible?

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    Re: Rational ClearCase integration

    We're working on better integration with version control tools.

    We also have a wishlist entry to have the Explorer context menu items show up in BC.

    In the current version of BC, your only option is to use the "Open With" command to call ClearCase's command line tools for check in/check out. You can setup open with commands in the Open With section of Tools|Options.
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      Re: Rational ClearCase integration

      This actually works pretty well. The only problem is that we are using UCM and that means that I have to join an activity before doing a checkout. But that's a minor issue. I think this will save me a lot of time. Thanks again.

      In case anyone else comes across this, the command I put in for "cc checkout" is:

      cleartool co -reserved -c none %f