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hangs during FTP comparison

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  • hangs during FTP comparison

    First things first: I've been using BC since version 1.x and I love the tool

    However, all this time I have been experiencing unresponsive screens at regular times when comparing/uploading/... to FTP directories (only with high volumes)

    Nobody else seems to have this, so I was hoping I have some inadequate setting somewhere...
    Anybody an idea?


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    Re: hangs during FTP comparison

    The first thing to try is to make ftp use passive mode. You can set passive mode in the Firewall/Proxy section of Tools|Options.

    If that doesn't solve the problem, there are also some settings you can change in the FTP section of Tools|Options.

    In the LIST options box, you can enter -a to use the older directory listing style.

    If the directory listing is hanging because it is very long, you can enter -R for recursive directory listing. Many ftp servers don't support -R yet, so it might not work.

    You can try changing the Link Resolution to Simple or Complete instead of fast to change how BC handles Unix symlinks.

    You can also set a read timeout in the ftp settings.
    Chris K Scooter Software