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Timestamp not copied to correctly to FTP server

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  • Timestamp not copied to correctly to FTP server

    When I use Beyond Compare to synchronize a local folder on my PC with a folder on my FTP server, the modified date on files is not copied correctly to the FTP server. I think the time of the actual copying is set as the modified time on the FTP server. If a file is copied from the FTP server to my PC, the date is copied correctly, however, it does not work the other way around.

    This is very annoying, as it makes it difficult to know which files have been updated when I do the synchronization the next time. Has the local file stamp changed, or was it just not copied correctly the last time?

    Is there a way to fix this? Why doesn't Beyond Compare update the modified time on files on the FTP server correctly? If that's not technically possible, a slightly messy alternative would be to change the timestamp on the *local* file whenever it is copied to the web server - I for one would find that option very useful (though it probably shouldn't be enabled by default)

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    Re: Timestamp not copied to correctly to FTP server

    Ok, I searched the forum again and found out about the Touch option. Sorry for not searching well enough before posting. I tried to use the Touch option to update the time on the server, but the server responded with "Operation not supported". So I guess I have my FTP server to blame for my problems. Then I selected all files, right-clicked on my local side and did a Touch again, and had all the local timestamps updated with the timestamps on the FTP server, just like I suggested above. Thanks for a great program!


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      Re: Timestamp not copied to correctly to FTP server

      You can setup BC2 to do this automatically:
      <ul type="square">[*]Select Session -> Comparison Control.[*]Switch to the Advanced page.[*]Check Touch local files when copying to an FTP site.[/list]
      Erik Scooter Software