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    Running BC on two different workstations returns different results for the same comparison.

    We ran the same test on two different workstations comparing data on the same servers. One station showed no mismatches what so ever, and the other shows differences. The ws that shows no mismatches is correct based on viewing the data in file manager.

    What could the reason be for the difference?

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    Re: Report Differences

    Were both systems using the same comparison criteria?

    Are the same comparison rules being using in the file viewer?

    Are there line ending differences in the files (DOS/Unix/Mac)? If you're comparing files on an ftp server, that could be the cause of the difference.

    You can export the software settings on each machine using Tools|Export Settings from the Folder Viewer.

    Comparing the settings from each machine is the best way to find out what the difference is.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Report Differences

      Thanks for responding. The criteria are identical. The comparison rules are identical. There are no line ending differences and these are not ftp sites. The first time I ran the comparison, I imported the settings from the other pc to mine. Then I started a new session entirely with the same criteria, settings, etc. and got the same results.

      I ran the nightly sync between the two servers in question manually last night for verification purposes and started a new comparison session this morning about 2 hours ago. It's still running but it is comparing 350 Gig.

      Any advice would be appreciated.


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        Re: Report Differences

        What criteria are you using?
        What type of files are you comparing?

        Are all the files showing as different, or just some of them?
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Re: Report Differences

          Is it reporting the same files as mismatching across multiple runs? If you select one of the files that it says has a mismatch and recompare it using the file viewer or the "Compare Contents" action, does it report it as a mismatch again, or does it show up as matching?
          Zoë P Scooter Software


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            Re: Report Differences

            in your situation, I suggest you Run in single directory mode only. you can find the method in help file
            and the sync the bc2.ini in the two workstations.
            Only this step can ensure you are using the same settings in the two PCs