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Expand BC "unimportant differences"?

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  • Expand BC "unimportant differences"?

    Is there a way I can expand what BC considers to be unimportant differences? For example, if I have a set of lines at the beginning of all of one series of files that are not in the compared-to series of files -- can I somehow tell BC to ignore it?

    For example, at top of newer file versions I might have:
    /* -MY CHANGE: PCH- */
    #include "MyPCH.h"
    /* -MY CHANGE:ENDS- */

    whereas the older versions don't. Any way to not have BC flag these as different (if all else is the same)?

    My apologies if this is in the documentation somewhere -- I didn't see it.


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    Re: Expand BC \"unimportant differences\"?

    You can ignore this by marking unimportant text using delimiters.

    In the file viewer, select Tools|Edit Current Rules.
    Go to the Importance tab.
    Click New in Unimportant Text.
    Select the Delimited Category.
    For Beginning with: enter /* -MY CHANGE: PCH- */
    For Ending with: enter /* -MY CHANGE:ENDS- */

    In the File Viewer, make sure View|Ignore Unimportant Differences is turned on.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Expand BC \"unimportant differences\"?

      OK, thanks -- that works great. I also had to make sure I was set to do a "rules comparison" in the comparison control.

      BC is a lifesaver.