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BC shows 2 files equal, but 10 bytes are missing

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  • BC shows 2 files equal, but 10 bytes are missing

    Hello! This is a great tool to use. I have a question about comparing 2 files when the file sizes are different. BC shows the files being equal but when I look at the file sizes in a command prompt window, one file is 10 bytes longer. Is there something in BC that I can set to show me what those 10 bytes are?
    The 2 files are Microsoft Word .doc files. In BC I copied over the differences from one file to another so they should be the exact same. Thanks for any insight you can offer! [email protected]

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    Re: BC shows 2 files equal, but 10 bytes are missi

    Are you using the MS Word documents rule from:
    to compare the files?

    BC converts the MS Word documents to plain text to compare them in the file viewer when you use the MS Word rule. It is possible there is a formatting difference, or some other non-text difference in the files that is causing the file size difference. MS Office stores some version and author information in files that isn't visible when just viewing the text contents of files.

    Try viewing the files using the Hex Viewer Plug-in to see what the non text differences in the two files are. You can download the Hex Viewer from:
    Chris K Scooter Software