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UNIX-Windows characters problem

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  • UNIX-Windows characters problem

    Hi all,

    Could someone help me? My problem is that I need to compare
    CR/LF (Windows) files to CR (UNIX) files but beyond compare
    indicates that the files are different. But the files have the same content. The only difference is the CR/LF CR.

    Do you know how I should configure Beyond Compare to solve this problem? I have to compare more than 10000 files...

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: UNIX-Windows characters problem

    Do a comparison on one of the pairs of files. From the BC menu, choose Tools | Edit Current Rules, select the General tab, then in the "Whitespace includes" box, check "Line endings". On the Importance tab's "Unimportant Text" box, check "Line endings". Click OK to exit and save the rules change.


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      Re: UNIX-Windows characters problem

      Hi Krisz,

      Go to the Session menu and selection "Comparison Criteria". In the dialog that appears change the "Compare Contents" setting from "Size only" to "Rules-based". It will take longer, since it has to compare the contents of the files rather than just the sizes, but it will automatically ignore differences in line endings. tlscales' suggestion is only necessary if you want to know that there are differences in the line endings, since it would make the files appear as "similar".
      Zoë P Scooter Software