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EBCDIC files created via PC "mainframe" software

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  • EBCDIC files created via PC "mainframe" software

    As a new user to BC2, I thought I'd just add this comment. First of all, I search the forum for EBCDIC and LRECL but found nothing relevant.

    My problem is that here, at work, we run mainframe COBOL programs using a PC s/w system (called Mainframe Express) to test and debug our mainframe code.

    One aspect that was missing was the ability to compare the EBCDIC files created via the JCL and programs.

    I've downloaded trial versions and looked at Guiffy, Active File Compare, AJC Diff, Ultra Edit, Winmerge and BC2. First of all, the first thing I liked with BC2 was the ability to colour highlight file differences (hey, it's the small things that grab your attention !).

    Going back to my problem above, I started by converting the EBCDIC files to ANSI and BC2 did a nice job, but I was wondering whether it could be made simpler. AND IT COULD. I simply took the EBCDIC files, created a rule for them with the correct character set conversion and specified the maximum line length as the EBCDIC lrecl, and lo and behold, it worked straight off !!!

    Fantastic job - developers.

    Now to get the bank here to buy a multiple license if I can.

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    Re: EBCDIC files created via PC \"mainframe\" softwa

    Thanks Michael, I'm glad to hear that you find BC so useful.
    Chris K Scooter Software