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Suggestion - Summary File Comparison Reports

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  • Suggestion - Summary File Comparison Reports

    Tell me if this feature is available, but I'm just missing a setting -

    When I generate a file comparison report, of type Summary, it's not really a summary. By that , I mean I was hoping for the quick and dirty statistics of my selections for the base folders. While I can tell it to show mismatches only, it gives no information at all if there are no errors, making it hard to distingush from a faulty report resulting from a comparison with no selections (something that happened here a couple times). I was thinking something along the lines of -

    60GB in 203,499 files matched by [criteria here: size, CRC, etc.]
    12 files mismatched
    - 10 files mismatched timestamp
    - 2 files mismatched size
    2 orphan files

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    Re: Suggestion - Summary File Comparison Reports

    This type of report isn't possible in the current version of BC. I'll add this to our feature wish list for a future version.
    Chris K Scooter Software