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Marking large blocks of text as unimportant

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  • Marking large blocks of text as unimportant

    I have a project where I am supposed to compare the content portion of a large number of web pages. They have been built in Dreamweaver/Contribute using templates. However, there are pages that still have an older template in place. I need to be able to ignore everything except the actual content itself. So far I have not been able to get these block of texts considered as unimportant in BC. Luckily I have HTML comment tags that delineate the beginning and ending of the content. Ideally, what I would like to to is ignore everything from <html> to <!-- content begins --> and <!-- end of content --> to </html> and compare only the text in between.

    The current version of BC that I am using is 2.0.1 (build 178) and unfortunately, upgrading to the most recent version is not currently an option. If this can be done only by upgrading, I will put a request in with the powers that be to see how long it takes.

    btw, I am highly impressed at the speed at which queries are answered in the forums.


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    Re: Marking large blocks of text as unimportant

    In case you weren't aware, upgrading from 2.0.1 to 2.3.1 is free; you just need to download the new version and install it over your existing one.

    What you need is only possible with v2.1 and later. You'll need to use the "Delimiter" type to mark the start and end of blocks. In 2.0.x it only accepted two characters for the start and end text; in 2.1 we removed that limitation.
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      Re: Marking large blocks of text as unimportant

      I knew the upgrade was free, its that our IT people tend to be a little .... how about I simply say territorial .

      However, since I like live dangerously I downloaded, installed with no problems (our permissions are quite limited here). I made a new set of rules, and voila, it works wonderfully. You have no idea how much work you have saved me. I have several thousand pages to check and this is going to simplify things on a grand scale!



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        Re: Marking large blocks of text as unimportant

        In addition to using Delimiters to mark the text, we also have an HTML-To-Text rule on our additional downloads page that will strip the HTML tags from the files before comparing them.

        The rule is at:
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