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  • Sync with Thunderbird

    Well after getting all my permissions set on many folders so I could sync my Eudora files... I've moved on to Thunderbird. For some reason, I'm somethings getting corrupted or I'm mission some important files or something along the way.

    I am syncing the files below the main profile folder which is named something like 'tu8wt930.default' since the folders have a different string of characters before '.default' on each machine.

    Has anyone had any luck with TB and if so what did ya do? :-) Thanks!

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    Re: Sync with Thunderbird

    Had I registered I could have edited this... sorry. Anyway, I've switched to just syncing the 'mail' folder and it seems stable enough. I guess if I make extension or theme changes, I'll need to just mirror that on the other machine.

    Still would like to hear if someone has had some experience with this though. Thanks!


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      Re: Sync with Thunderbird

      Current versions of Thunderbird store profiles using this 'salted' method (random alphanumerics) for directory names. A while back, I just copied everything under the Thunderbird directory from my desktop to my laptop and use BC2 to keep them both in sync.

      Under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the directory name is "C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Thunderbird". In this directory, you will find a "profiles.ini" which contains the 'salted' directory name.

      You can't really just rename the 'salted' directory name on one system, as there may be references to the directory name in some of the files.


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        Re: Sync with Thunderbird

        Thanks for that...

        I've been looking into some of the files and it seems, at least for me, the safest thing is to just sync the mail folder. If I make more major changes by adding new themes and/or extensions to one machine, I'll use the TB back up app and restore it on the other side. Then in between major changes, the mail sync works fine.

        I got a couple of errors from extensions that hadn't been manually installed on the other machine. Anyway, it's working fine at the moment.