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Couple of requests BC/Hex Viewer

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  • Couple of requests BC/Hex Viewer

    Beyond Compare is a great program and I've enjoyed using it for the last few years. But I'd like to request a couple of things in Beyond Compare and the Hex Viewer.

    1) Occasionally I need to view the bytes in a file and Beyond Compare with the Hex Viewer plugin works great. I put a shortcut to BC in the SendTo folder and it's very easy to get to. But it would be nice if you could eliminate the right side display with a special command line option. In this case I am simply using Beyond Compare as a hex viewer and the first thing I always have to do is resize the right window out of existence.

    2) It would be nice if you could edit files in the Hex Viewer.

    Thanks for a great product!

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    Re: Couple of requests BC/Hex Viewer

    Thank you for making the suggestions. Both a single file view and editing are on our todo list for the Hex Viewer plug-in.
    Chris K Scooter Software