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Trouble with File Differences Filter

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  • Trouble with File Differences Filter

    Hello, I'm doing a folder comparison and seeing some unexpected results. I may not fully understand the filtering options.

    On the left side I have a folder that contains a subset of files that are one the right side. Many are identical and I have filtered these out with the 'Only Mismatches' filter.

    On the the right side - the superset of files - I have a number of newer files, both in timestamp and content. These mismatched files show up in red on both sides. The orphans show up in blue on the right side. This is exactly what I expect to see.

    I then change the filter to get rid of the orphans. Since I only want to see the files that exist in both folders, but that are newer on the right side, I choose the Only Right Side Newer filter. This action shows me a blank comparison - there are no files or folders on either side.

    I tried using the Swap Sides button, then using Only Left Side Newer, but I got the same result - there are no files or folders on either side.

    Am I missing something? Do the Only Newer options only work if the files are identical, but their timestamps are different?


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    Re: Trouble with File Differences Filter

    An Update: The behavior I observed was caused by my Comparison Criteria. I had turned off the timestamp comparison feature.

    With this turned off, is it fair to say that no 'Newer' filter will ever display anything, since BC ignores all timestamps and therefore has no data to evaluate when the filter is applied?



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      Re: Trouble with File Differences Filter

      If files show up as red on both sides, it means that BC sees their contents as different, but doesn't see a timestamp difference. This might be because their timestamps are the same, or because BC isn't set to compare timestamps.

      If the files are both red, setting Only Right Side Newer won't display anything because BC doesn't see any of the files as newer.

      If BC has compared the timestamps, the newer file will be red and the older file will be gray.

      The most likely cause of this problem is that timestamp comparison might not be turned on. To turn it on, select Session|Comparison Control, then check Compare Timestamps.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Re: Trouble with File Differences Filter

        Yes, that is the ticket! Thanks for your timely response, Chris.