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    Hello forum people,

    I have integrated BC with Subversion (Tortoise), which works very fine. If I now compare a text file with its previous SVN version, I get the File Viewer, which is ok. But sometimes I want to know exactly what this little square character at the end of a line was, so I would like to switch into Hex Viewer mode, 'online'. How would this be possible?

    I cannot quite choose to compare the two files with the Hex Viewer manually, because the other file to compare to is hidden somewhere in the SVN dir, which I don't want to search.

    Has anyone any suggestions?

    Thanks for your consideration,


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    Re: Change Viewer Type On The Fly

    It isn't possible to change viewers from within the File Viewer, although this is on our todo list for a future release of BC.

    Right now your only option is to change the command line that is launching BC and use the /fileviewer="Hex Viewer" switch to open BC in the Hex Viewer plug-in.
    Chris K Scooter Software