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  • Chris
    Re: bc2 scripting

    There isn't a way to get the report in hex using the current version of Beyond Compare and the plug-ins.

    The current version doesn't support scripting in any of the plug-ins, although scripting in plug-ins is on our wish list for a future release.

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  • laguna
    started a topic bc2 scripting

    bc2 scripting

    I can use the hex difference tool visually no problem on the command line ( /fv="Hex Viewer"). But when I want to dump the output to a file using the script, the output is always in text (which is no good for hex numbers). My script is:
    bc2 /fv="Hex Viewer" @scr.scr. (the script contents is below)
    file-report layout:side-by-side options:display-context output-options:html-color output-to:"c:\report.html" "c:\file1.bin" "c:\file2.bin"
    How can I get the report.html in hex?