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Command line feature request

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  • Chris
    Re: Command line feature request

    A way to work around this is to copy both BC2.exe and BCQC.exe to the folder for your command line tools. This makes BC2.exe available for running scripts from the command line without typing the full path as well.

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  • ggreig
    started a topic Command line feature request

    Command line feature request

    Please make it possible to locate BCQC in a folder other than the B2C program folder. Failure to do this is a common but frustrating limitation in tools that provide command line versions. It's not practical to keep adding lots of individual program folders to the PATH environment variable if you use a lot of command line tools.

    We take the approach of having a common folder for command line executables, and it's that common folder that is added to our PATH. One easy way to support our scenario would be to allow BCQC's expected location of B2C to be overridden by a named environment variable.