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e-mail if a directory comparison has differences

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  • e-mail if a directory comparison has differences

    Hi we need a facility to detect if files in a directory have changed and send an e-mail noting what has changed.
    If we have a reference directory to compare against could Beyond Compare could be used for this type of job?

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    Re: e-mail if a directory comparison has differenc

    It isn't trivial to do this with BC, but it is possible if you use BC in combination with a scripting language or email utility.

    BC's has a snapshot functionality you can use to save the directory listing, optionally with CRCs.

    Once you've saved a snapshot, you can compare the live directory against the snapshot and generate a report in plain text or html listing any differences found. This can all be automated using a BC script.

    BC doesn't have any email functionality, so you'll have to use some other utility or your favorite scripting language to email the report. Once you have it all written you can schedule it using the Windows Task Scheduler.

    There isn't a way to find out if BC found differences without looking at the report, so the above setup will always email the report rather than emailing only if differences are found.

    Chris K Scooter Software