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  • Chris
    Re: Column behavior

    Double clicking to auto fit columns isn't supported in BC2, but it might be included in a future release.

    We should also have better handling of column resizing during maximize and restore in a future release of BC.

    Set default will save the column width, but the defaults only apply to new sessions, so if you're opening a saved session it won't be affected by the new defaults.

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    Guest started a topic Column behavior

    Column behavior

    Usually we can autofit a column by double-clicking on the right edge of the column label. But I cannot perform this in BC's Folder Viewer.

    And, follow the steps below to see if this is a bug:
    1. Widen the Version column and the Size column.
    2. Select Set Default from the Session menu, to Set current settings as default. (Now the column widths are saved.)
    3. Maximize the Folder Viewer window. (Now the Name column widened.)
    4. Restore the window.
    Now you can see the Version column and the Size column are elbowed to very small widths by the widened Name column.