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How to ignore digital signatures

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    Re: How to ignore digital signatures

    Actually I figured out how to do it myself as well.
    Unfortunately v1.9 isn't very good at this stuff.
    At least v2+ is.
    Thanks again.

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  • Ernie
    Re: How to ignore digital signatures

    You could all a rule to ignore everything between <font color="blue"><Signature></font> and <font color="blue"></Signature></font>.

    Use Tools -> Options -> Rules, select the file type and click Edit. Click the Importance tab and in the Unimportant text group, click the New button. Select the Delimited category and enter the start tag (<font color="blue"><Signature></font>) in the Beginning with: edit box, enter the end tag (<font color="blue"></Signature></font>) in the and ending with edit box.

    You may have to repeat for each file type in the two directories.

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    Guest started a topic How to ignore digital signatures

    How to ignore digital signatures

    Hello Everyone,
    Does anyone know how to filter out (ie. ignore) 'Digital Signatures' that are appended to text files.
    I have two directories which contain the same files.
    The files in Directory 1 have a different 'signature' from directory 2.

    The signature component is appended to the content of the file (see below for format). How can I ignore this signateure, when the contents of the signature may change; note: the heading etc are the same.

    Any assistance would be appreciated..

    <SignatureValue>FdVeWtvRjBeNqxC7rAN/Zp6AcgOIi6NWn0XL99vbXoOYp6Pd2qTWMclv9Ll6n+yXv2B9M2 a/49SvCxpW7JexHQ==</SignatureValue>