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Integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server

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  • Integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server

    Simply put, I can't stand any other comparison tool than BeyondCompare (a product that DEFINATELY earns the name!), is there any chance you could handle this?

    I'm using Microsoft's Team Foundation Server's source control. When using an external comparision tool and it appends a tag to indicate the file version. This means the BC2 command line is something like "BC2.EXE Foo.cs;C19 Foo.cs;C22".

    The actual quick "files are different" compare thinks these are "any other file", so no rules are run. Secondly, when the viewer for different files is run, it also thinks these are "any other file", so no language-specific or file-extension specific plug-ins run.

    What we need is to have the comparison and the viewer strip off everything after the last ";" from each filename before determining which rules to run and which viewer to launch.

    BTW, the instructions for integrating in VS2005 are:

    Click menu <font color="blue">File</font> / <font color="blue">Options...</font>
    Expand <font color="blue">Source Control</font> in the treeview.
    Click <font color="blue">Visual Studio Team Foundation Server</font> in treeview.
    Click button <font color="blue">Configure User Tools...</font>
    Click button <font color="blue">Add...</font>
    Enter <font color="blue">.*</font> in the Extension textbox
    Choose <font color="blue">Compare</font> in Operation combobox
    Click button <font color="blue">...</font> next to Command textbox
    Browse to <font color="blue">BC2.EXE</font> in file chooser and click button <font color="blue">Open</font>
    Leave the default in Arguments textbox (which is <font color="blue">%1 %2</font>).

    Blogged Here

    Note from another thread, I can add an * to the end of the extensions in the Rules dialog, which makes the right viewer get lauched, but that matches too aggressively, and doesn't help for viewers (like the Image Viewer) that decipher the file extension.

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    Re: Integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server

    Suggestions from James Manning at Microsoft are to make the command line arguments <font color="blue">%1 %2 /title1=%6 /title2=%7</font> instead to get a better description of the file version being examined.

    Also, in another thread, Craig announced the latest version of the Image Viewer plug-in doesn't get messed up by the file extension wierdness.

    Using the trailing * in the patterns as suggested by Craig lets most things work right now, but I'm still left wanting the Rules chooser in Beyond Compare to ignore everything after the semi-colon.


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      Re: Integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Ser

      I just read James's comments in your blog. Since it sounds like they might change this before the final Team Foundation release I'm inclined to wait before we make the change. If they release the final release and it still has those extensions we'll definitely consider supporting it. I'll send an email to James and see if he can keep me updated one way or the other.

      BTW, is Team Foundation different than the Visual Source Safe 2005 beta? And if so, have you tried the SCC integration support we added in the 2.4 beta yet?
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        Re: Integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Ser

        I've not yet installed 2.4 but will later today... have to finish a demo for the boss right now.

        I understand about not wanting to add the feature for nothing, really.

        Team Foundation Server Vesions Control is totally different than Visual Source Safe. It's industrial strength version control with all the features I dearly love. I'm especially fond of the changeset, which allows atomic check-ins of a set of files where all of them get checked-in or none of them do... But in truth TFSVC is able to do anything that ClearQuest, Subversion, CVS, PVCS or any other real version control system does. I like it