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2.4 beta: FTP slow until enable recursive option

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  • 2.4 beta: FTP slow until enable recursive option

    Considering that first impressions can be important and the dramatic speed difference that exists depending on the setting for the FTP Recursion checkbox in options, you might want to consider enabling this by default during installation.

    At the least, perhaps BC should not have "forgotten" that FTP Recursion was already enabled in my previous installation of BC when I installed beta build 236. (I installed this beta on top of my previous installation -- all of my other settings were successfully preserved.)

    I use BC with two completely different FTP servers, the recursive option works with both servers, and the performance is awesome when recursion is enabled but horrible when it's disabled.

    Anyway, the problem is solved for me now that I determined that I might need to manually re-enable the option during future installs of BC. I'm posting this to the forums anyway in case it saves some time for anyone else.

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    Re: 2.4 beta: FTP slow until enable recursive opti

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately the recursive option isn't even close to universally supported, so we can't use it by default. The fact that we have an obvious checkbox now should make it easier for people to find.

    The only reason it forgot the setting for this upgrade was because we went from the arbitrary "LIST Options" edit to the set of checkboxes. From here on it should remember the setting without any trouble.
    Zoë P Scooter Software