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  • Some ideas for new features

    I've been using BC for a while now and I think it is a great product.
    Also I would like to give you some ideas for improvement.

    when comparing, copying and moving files
    (especially between computers)
    - option to limit transfer speed to minimize stress on both sides
    - there should be a pause / continue button

    I often have to compare different copies of the "same" function in one file. When doing so i copy & paste one in c:\temp\a.txt and the other in c:\temp\b.txt and then compare these in BC.
    - it would be nice if it were possible to open empty compare window and paste both versions on separate sides in BC file compare window.

    other ideas for improvement
    - option to set refresh interval
    - copy selected/all files when the files are changed (overnight)
    - script which is invoked when changes are detected

    OK, I will stop now, if you like the ideas you are free to implement them I didn't patent them (yet, so hurry up before I do) .

    continue with the good work and have a great time,
    best regards,
    Gregor Alujevic

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    Re: Some ideas for new features

    Hi Gregor,

    Thank you for all of the suggestions!

    Transfer speed throttles and a pause/continue button are both our our wishlist for future versions.

    To compare two snippets of a file you can use the "Open Clipboard" command in the file viewer's "File" menu. It loads the clipboard contents into the active side and recompares. Just use that command after copying each function to the clipboard and BC will do the comparison, no need for temp files. If the file in question is already open in BC you can use the "Compare to clipboard" command in the "Edit" menu too. It compares the currently selected lines with whatever's on the clipboard.

    We are looking into watching for directory changes in a future release. Refreshing on intervals and taking actions when something changes is certainly something we can consider as well.

    I don't keep up on them, but there are a few applications designed specifically for continuous syncing like that too, and it might work better for that specific problem.
    Zoë P Scooter Software