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  • Speed of searching in File Viewer

    Hi guys,

    I've noticed that while most things in BC2.3/2.4beta are faster than in BC1.9 (sometimes startlingly so), searching for text strings in the File Viewer is quite a lot slower.

    Typically I'm searching both sides, forward, globally from the cursor, without any of the search options selected, on files between 500KB and 12MB in size. At the upper end of the file size scale, searches that took less than a second in BC1.9 are taking nearly 20 seconds in BC2.3/2.4beta.

    Do you have any tips for speeding this up in the current releases?

    Also, is search speed in the File Viewer something that will be looked at in a future release?



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    Re: Speed of searching in File Viewer

    Hi Draco,

    The short answer is that there isn't anything you can do to speed it up and it won't be fixed in 2.x, but it will be fixed in v3.

    In v1 the comparison was simple enough that searches were basically able to read lines of text directly from the file, which made the searches extremely fast.

    In v2 we changed the way the file content is stored in memory in order to support multiline unimportant text (eg, (* *) Delphi comments). That made the comparison a lot easier to do and more flexible, but it means that there's a lot more data shuffling to get each line of text as a contiguous string.

    In v3 we're changing the content storage again, and the search speed should be back around the level in BC 1.
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      Re: Speed of searching in File Viewer

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks very much for the explanation. Makes sense. I'll just switch between 1.9 and 2.x as required in the meantime!