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Ticking "Attributes" removes Orphans on right

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  • Ticking "Attributes" removes Orphans on right


    I'm just evaluating this at the moment and I think I've found a problem (although it might be that I don't understand the options enough).

    I have a session configured for a binary compare on 2 folders, including timestamps and versions.

    As we normally use this type of software to test software install images, I have ticked all the boxes in Other -> Attributes -> Include to make sure absolutely everything is checked (which WinDiff does automatically).

    However Orphan files on the right hand side are not shown if these boxes are ticked and I have no idea why.

    If the boxes are unchecked, the orphan files are shown on the right, if the boxes are checked they disappear, so it's definitely these boxes that are causing the problem (the other session settings are kept exactly the same). This doesn't make any sense since having the boxes checked should make sure that everything is checked. Doesn't it?


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    Re: Ticking \"Attributes\" removes Orphans on right

    Does the orphan file have any attributes set?

    If you have nothing checked, BC will show files regardless of their attributes.

    If you have Archive, System, Hidden, and Read-only checked, BC will only show files that have one or more of those attributes. If files have none of those attributes, they will not be displayed.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Ticking \"Attributes\" removes Orphans on right

      Ah I see, so that's how it works. In which case the software is misleading. "Include" implies that these files are shown in addition to others, and that not checking them will cause them to disappear.

      Many thanks.

      Duncan Scott


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        Re: Ticking \"Attributes\" removes Orphans on right

        I'm glad that cleared it up. We'll try to make the dialog more intuitive in the future.
        Chris K Scooter Software