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    Firstly, let me say I really like BC, and use it almost every day.

    I came across a feature I would like to add to the wish list for future BC releases (forgive me if it already exists - I couldn't find it...).

    I am doing a compare of java classes (in a jar file). As they have been compiled at different times, I am assuming that the header of the class files are different, even though the file sizes are (mostly) the same.

    The rules based comparison (obviously) shows that the files are different. What I would find helpful is to be able to filter out those items which have identical file sizes.

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    Re: filter by file size

    There isn't a simple way to do a combined rules-based and size comparison to eliminate files with matching sizes.

    The way to just do a size comparison is to set your comparison criteria to only size (in Session|Comparison Control). Then, set your display filter to Only Mismatches.

    If you still want to do a rules-based comparison of different files, select them and do an Actions|Compare Contents to do a rules-based comparison.

    If you need to ignore header differences, a better option might be to do a rules-based comparison and configure the rules to ignore the header text. If you aren't using it already, you can decompile Java class files using the Java Class rule at:

    Once you have the rule setup, you can mark text to ignore in the Importance tab of Tools|Edit Current Rules from the File Viewer. Ignoring text is detailed in the Rules section of Beyond Compare's help file.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: filter by file size

      thanks - the java compare thing works sweet - really helps for what I'm trying to do.