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U3 compatible USB thumb drives

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  • U3 compatible USB thumb drives

    There are starting to get to be a number of U3 compatible USB thumb drives out there. For those not familar with the technology they are designed such that one can run applications off of them without leaving any footprint on the host machine (see for more details).

    I am frequently in client's offices where I have to sync up files between their machines and my work files on a large USB removable hard drive. Now the machines all have multiple USB ports. I was wondering if BC will run off of a U3 device. If so what do I need to do. If it is possible I will promptly get such a USB thumb drive.


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    Re: U3 compatible USB thumb drives

    To run BC off a thumb drive make a copy of BC2.exe and sfFTPLib.dll in a directory on it. In the same directory create an empty file named BC2.ini, and put a copy of your license key in a file named BC2.key. Once that's set up BC will run without touching the registry or user settings. It will still create temp files on the computer, but that's it. That's all worked since 2.1 or so, on any removable drive; no need for a special device.
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      Re: U3 compatible USB thumb drives


      Thanks for the advice. I did as you suggested yesterday and things worked perfectly. Fantastic!