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.css .js .jsp .xml .xmi files compare issues

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  • .css .js .jsp .xml .xmi files compare issues

    I am (binary) comparing couple of expanded EAR folders. After the "Compare Results" window is displayed, I expand "files don't match" and am presented with a list of .js, .css, .jsp, .xml, .xmi and .properties files. When I double-click on one of these files, they show up as Exact in the File Viewer. So, initially they are inexact and then are exact. What am I missing?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: .css .js .jsp .xml .xmi files compare issues

    It could be any number of things, depending on your comparision criteria.

    Are you comparing timestamps or attributes?

    If you are comparing using Rules Based comparison and these files differ in white space, comments, or anything else configured as "Unimportant Text" in the file type rules, they may initially show up as different in the initial folder view, but then if you compare the files and have "Ignore unimportant differences" enabled, they may then be considered exact.


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      Re: .css .js .jsp .xml .xmi files compare issues

      Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. File size was one of the comparison criteria. File contents were the same but file sizes were different.

      I am using rules-based comparison and it is weeding out the false negatives.