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Comparing Large Directories

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  • Comparing Large Directories

    I cut media from disk sets created during the software build process and need to compare the CD I create to the disk set directory of the product. Somtime the directories can get large enough to need to put onto DVDs (~5GB). The current binary comparison tool we use cannot handel this and I have been asked to find a tool that can. It has to be a binary comparsion to be sure that the CD\DVD is exactly the same as the original. Can BC help me out here, if not do you know a tool that can handel this?

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    Re: Comparing Large Directories

    It should be able to. I've been using it to compare data volumes before and after migration. It takes a while, but it can look at 200GB of data without crashing my PC.


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      Re: Comparing Large Directories

      Yes, BC should work for this.

      To compare using binary criteria, select Session|Comparison Control and select "Binary comparison".

      In the Advanced tab of the same dialog, you may also want to check "Bypass disk cache on file reads". If you're comparing immediately after you burn a CD/DVD, the files might still be cached in memory by the OS, and turning this option on will bypass the OS caching of data. Also, ejecting the CD/DVD and reinserting it might also clear any cache in the OS or cache on the CD/DVD drive.
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        Re: Comparing Large Directories

        No problem with the caching because we have a buring box and a testing box so we switch boxes before the compare is done.


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          Re: Comparing Large Directories

          "Bypass disk cache on file reads".
          Thanks, I hadn't noticed that setting.