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  • Feature Request - file diff filter

    I wanted this today...

    Just like there is a file filters toolbar for the folder viewer which allows me to, for example, ignore '*.tar' files, I'd like a text filters toolbar for the file diff. This would let me change "quickly and temporarily" my file diff rules.

    The thinking goes - if I'm reviewing a file diff of source changes, where someone has changed a global variable from "foo" to "bar", I see the change, am okay with it, and would like to temporarily treat that change as "unimportant text" for the rest of my session (I don't want to see the foo->bar changes anymore).

    So I enter "foo=bar", or some such syntax into this new file diff filter to say that's an "unimportant change".

    Make sense? Is there an existing workaround I'm missing?


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    Re: Feature Request - file diff filter

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    In the current release, the only way to ignore differences is to define them in the Importance tab of Tools|Edit Current Rules.

    The current version also doesn't have a way to say "foo=bar", you can only specify foo is unimportant and bar is unimportant, although we're working on making this possible.

    We'll consider a toolbar item for quick access to comparison rules for a future release of BC.
    Chris K Scooter Software