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  • Any way to do this?

    When I compare 2 folders in BC, it may say that 2 Java files are different, but when I double click on that difference and the file comparison window comes up, I see that the only differences are comments. So when I close the file comparison window, the main window updates itself and has the swiggly equals sign between the 2 files to indicate that they are the same except for some unimportant differences.

    Is there any way for the folder comparison to automatically detect that the only differences between 2 files are unimportant differences? That way it will immediately show the swiggly equals sign, instead of doing it only after I load the files into the file comparison window?

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    Re: Any way to do this?

    If you specify a "Rules based comparison" when comparing contents, the default is to automatically show squiggles on files that differ only in unimportant text.


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      Re: Any way to do this?

      Thanks Ernie!