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Errors During Synchronization

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  • Errors During Synchronization

    I'm trying to sync my office computer with my home computer over a VPN connection. I've done this before with no problems. This time, out of 71 files that needed to be copied, 7 failed to copy. I got two errors: "Error copying The specified network name is no longer available" and "Error copying Error performing inpage operation" What do these errors mean and can I fix the problem?

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    Re: Errors During Synchronization

    Sounds like these are related to network time outs. You may have to try to sync later when the network(s) are not as busy.


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      Re: Errors During Synchronization

      I agree with Ernie, it is probably a network connectivity problem. The "Error performing inpage operation" message is a bit deceptive. Windows reads and writes very small files differently than other files, so the error shows up when there is a problem reading or writing small files.
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        Re: Errors During Synchronization

        I've tried this a few times on different days and always got the same errors on the exact same files. The "network name error" crops up on bigger files, but I'm pretty sure that I've been able to copy bigger ones in the past. Don't know offhand if the "inpage error" files are small. Oh well. Thanks for the help.