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  • performance issues

    Recently I've been noticing that performance of BC build 231 with my server seems to have degraded significantgly. Comparisons are slow and BC just hangs when there are large numbers of files.

    This has not happened with WinSCP pr Filezilla.

    We have been playing with our firewall. So my question is should we leave any ports open besides 21? What other aspects might be hurting performance?

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    Re: performance issues

    More notes:

    Performance over a network/locally seems fine

    I've turned Passive mode off and on. Not much difference - perhaps fewer hangs...


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      Re: performance issues

      Have you tried our latest beta build 238? It has a different FTP library (SmartFTP) that seems to have helped many users that were having FTP problems previously. You can get the beta from

      Are the hangs during file transfers or mostly while BC is listing/comparing directories? If your server supports it, turning on recursive directory listings can help. To turn it on, check "Recursive [-R]" in the FTP>Advanced section of BC's tools options dialog in the beta version. In 2.3.1 you can force this by entering -R in the FTP List Options.

      If those suggestions don't help, what FTP server software are you using? What type of firewall is your client computer behind?
      Chris K Scooter Software