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comparing csv files with data viewer

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  • comparing csv files with data viewer

    first i would like to say beyond compare is an excellent product and has made my job much easier.

    I am trying to compare two csv files in the newer one i now have an additional column that was not in the original file. When comparing all of the columns are out of sync and show as different. I am probably missing something simple but is there a way i can exclude this new column from the comparison and still compare all of the other columns with each other? I tried matching them in the options when opening but the new column is at the start of the file which throws every other column out of sync.

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    Re: comparing csv files with data viewer

    There isn't an easy way to remove one extra column at the start of the file.

    To remove it from the comparison, load the files in the Data Viewer.

    In the Data Compare Rules, correct the match of the columns filling in "Left table column:" and "Right table column:" with Column C:, A:, etc.

    Once you've fixed the column matching, select the added column and set Column Handling to "Removed".
    Chris K Scooter Software