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php function names - unexpected results

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  • php function names - unexpected results

    I am comparing php files but get unexpected results with function names.

    These 2 lines are an example of the text being compared.
    function __construct() {
    function settings() {

    BC marks these as unimportant differences and marks the file comparison as "Similar".
    How can I configure BC to treat these differences as important and mark the file comparison as "don't match"?

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    Re: php function names - unexpected results

    The default settings should show these as important differences.

    Are the differences inside comments? If so, that might explain why they aren't showing as an important difference.

    To fix this, you'll need to change your file comparison rules. With the files loaded in the File Viewer, select Tools|Edit Current Rules. Go to the Importance tab. You'll need to delete one or more of the Unimportant Text entries that is matching on the differences you want to see.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: php function names - unexpected results

      The problem was with the unimportant text entry. The checkbox "stopping at the end of the line" was unchecked. Selecting this option fixed it.

      Thanks for the help.