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How many files different?

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  • How many files different?

    After comparing 2 directories, is there any way to find out how many files are different, how many files only exist on the left side, and how many files only exist on the right side?

    This would be a nice feature to have, if it doesn't exist already.

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    Re: How many files different?

    There isn't a way to get a statistics report from the Folder Viewer counting numbers of files.

    The Folder Viewer will display the number of currently visible files in the status bar at the bottom for the left and right sides. To count orphans or different files, set the appropriate display filter, then View|Expand All to display all of the files matching that criteria.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: How many files different?

      Sure there is. From the folder comparison window (comparing the parent directories of the ones you want to get the stats on), choose the folders on each side that you want to compare, right click and choose "compare contents" from the context menu, and the results popup will tell you how many files match exactly, how many are different, and how many are only on each side. You can expand this get a list of the files in each category and do file comparisons of the mismatches with a couple of mouse clicks.