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Set SCC of folder at startup via command line?

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  • Set SCC of folder at startup via command line?


    I'm wondering if there's a way to automatically set a source control for a specific folder?

    What I need is this, I have 1 VSS reference folder, and 1 "main" working folder/sandbox and other "previous" working folders/sandboxes which have old code in.
    At night, the build kicks in and gets the latest versions of files to VSS_WORK_FOLDER and VSS_REF_FOLDER.
    Before the build starts, the VSS_WORK_FOLDER is renamed into e.g. VSS_WORK_FOLDER_20061031 so I have the yesterdays build's files in that one.
    In the morning I want to compare the REF-folder with 20061031 folder, having the ref-folder source controlled so I can view the history. I.e. I want to see the changes from today's build versus yesterday's (I can't compare WORK_FOLDER <==> 20061031 folder because there are so many build specific files that are created during build).
    In my session VSS_REF_FOLDER <==> VSS_WORK_FOLDER I have the ref-folder source controlled so I can there se history or if files have been deleted from source control etc.
    But when I choose to compare 2 folders (ref-folder <==> 20061031) via the command line, the VSS_REF_FOLDER are no longer under source control because I have no session saved for those two.

    Are you following? :-)
    Is this possible somehow?

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    Re: Set SCC of folder at startup via command line?

    It isn't possible to specify source control information from the command line.

    However, source control information in BC is global. As long as you define a path as a source controlled folder in the Source Control section of Tools|Options, it should work no matter what the session is, even if you don't load a saved session.

    As long as VSS_REF_FOLDER always has the same path, it should always show up as source controlled in BC. You can verify this by loading the path, then right click a controlled file and look at the options available under the Source Control menu.

    If you're just looking for the source control "Status" column, display of this column is set in sessions. If you want it to be displayed by default, first display it, then use Session|Set Default to make it the default for all new sessions, including when you load folders from the command line.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Set SCC of folder at startup via command line?

      Oh great. It was the column I missed to set as default so I thought it wasn't under control. Sorry, and thanks.