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Adding a folder to a session?

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  • Adding a folder to a session?

    I already have a session but I want to add a folder from my left side to compare to a folder I need to add to my right side. I right clicked and saw add folder and I typed in a folder name but it didn't do anything?

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    Re: Adding a folder to a session?

    Hi Wolf,

    If you enter a folder path directly into the left or right path edit, you'll need to hit enter to make the folder load. If you enter a path, then click away, BC won't load the new path.

    You can also right click on a new folder or pair of folders and select the Set As Base Folder, Set as Base on Other Side, and Set as Base Folders commands.


    If you're trying to set multiple base folders for a session, that isn't possible, but it is on our wish list for the future.
    Chris K Scooter Software