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Enhancement - Copy To Folder linked to a session

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  • Enhancement - Copy To Folder linked to a session

    We have found Beyond Compare to be a wonderful production for Migration of Files for Production Control.

    One very helpful enhancement would be if the "Copy to Folder" folder value could default to a particular folder based upon the session that is chosen in Session Manager.

    This would be helpful because when we go to copy a file, we first copy the old target file to an archive folder. This varies by application, project A files goto Project A archive, Project B files go to Project B archive, etc. Therefore, everytime we select a session, we have to chose a copy to folder location.

    Is there some other way that people are doing something similar?

    Thanks - Walt Sydoriak, National Fuel

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    Re: Enhancement - Copy To Folder linked to a sessi

    Thanks for the suggestion. There isn't a way to save the Copy To location in BC2. We'll consider this for the future.

    Beyond Compare 3 will include 3 way folder comparison, so you might be able to just load all 3 folders in a session directly.
    Chris K Scooter Software