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Settings lost when converting to single-directory

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  • Settings lost when converting to single-directory

    I tried to convert BC's settings to single-directory mode:

    1. Export settings.
    2. Create an empty BC2.ini. (I prefer ini than xml.)
    3. run BC to import the settings exported.

    However, I found several settings wouldn't be restored:
    Form positions and sizes.
    Toolbar Settings.
    Histories (Recent files/folders, CopyTo, Find/Replace, ... )

    Is there a simple way to convert these registry settings to single-directory mode?

    And hope all the settings can be converted properly in the next version.

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    Re: Settings lost when converting to single-direct

    Sorry, it looks like it grabs most of the settings, but won't transfer things like window position.

    The method I usually use for single directory mode is:

    Tools|Export Settings.
    Export everything to create a zip file with your settings.
    Extract the contents of the zip to the location where the single directory copy of BC2.exe is located.
    This creates the files Prefs.xml, Rules.xml, and Sessions.xml.
    Rename Prefs.xml to BC2.xml.
    You're all set for single directory mode.

    This looks like it doesn't preserve a few settings, such as window location.

    We'll consider preservation of the additional settings for a future version of BC.
    Chris K Scooter Software