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are ftp functions remote or local

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  • are ftp functions remote or local

    It appears from the status/log window that BC2 performs ftp-to-ftp copies directly (on the servers, no local retrieve and put intermediary step). Is that really the case?

    ..sometimes, the prospect of using BC2 at some point in my work day is the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning..

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    Re: are ftp functions remote or local

    Sorry, server-to-server copies transfer to the computer running BC in the middle. Copying them directly is certainly something we're keeping in mind, especially since the interface would be perfect for it, but there are implementation issues that make it difficult to do.
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      Re: are ftp functions remote or local

      Thanks for the speedy reply.
      I'm migrating servers for on a large website (tar'd is 800Meg), and your response helped me to decide how to proceed.

      Looking forward to seeing sFTP built-in one day (using Tunnelier presently), and having BC do server-side xfers would reign supreme. Cheers!