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feature request: warning on large/slow xfers

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  • feature request: warning on large/slow xfers

    It would be a helpful feature to warn users of or filter out potentially large or slow file transfers when comparing across the network.

    Here is the scenario that prompted this request: I have an 800Meg .tar in web root. When I fire up BC, immediately that new 800meg file is requested from the server. This isn't immediately obvious, however, and when I went into a subfolder to check out a <1k file, I had no idea why my comparison window froze up, blank white. I forced a shutdown BC, restarted, and set BC to ignore .tar's.

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    Re: feature request: warning on large/slow xfers

    Thanks for the suggestion. We're considering better progress reporting for future versions of BC, so that might help with situations like this.

    The specific example you list might be helped by changing your BC settings. If you have BC set to do CRC, binary, or rules-based comparison, it will read the entire large file to compare it.

    Also, it might help to make sure you have "Always treat archive files as folders" in the Advanced tab of Session|Comparison Control unchecked. With this turned on, BC will always look inside archive files, so if you have a large file it might slow things down. If it isn't checked, BC will only look inside the archive file if you expand it by double clicking.
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