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Mirror + converting all files to 0/1kb

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  • Mirror + converting all files to 0/1kb


    I have installed a new windows xp operating system and now i would like to mirror the hole folder structure with all my apps and drivers which i have installed.
    To save space it could be easier to store the information in a text or html file with a beyond compare script.
    Because of the complexity of the folder structure the text file is very confiusing.
    Is there a script for Beyond Compare that mirrors the hole folder stukture and convets all the file in it to 0 or 1 kb in an one way.
    With this method you get the advantage of a text file which is very small and the advantage to navigate i a real folder structure.

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    Re: Mirror + converting all files to 0/1kb

    There isn't a way to create an empty file structure like this with Beyond Compare.

    If you only want to copy the folder structure, but not files, you can do it with the Custom Synch command.

    Set your filter to -*.* to hide all files.
    Select Actions|Synchronize Folders|Custom Sync.
    Make sure "Create empty folders" is checked.
    Synchronize Left to Right or Right to Left.

    If you just want to capture a directory listing, you can do it with the Actions|Save Snapshot command. This will save the directory listing to a file that you can load in Beyond Compare's Folder Viewer.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Re: Mirror + converting all files to 0/1kb

      Thank you for the fast answer