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  • Ernie
    Re: Easy Ques for new user

    You could create a session for each directory you want to compare/backup. For each session, specify source and target folders, comparison criteria, etc.

    Then create a script that you can invoke to fire up BC2 and invoke the session. The script would be similar to:

    log verbose append:"C:\backup.log"
    load %1
    option confirm:yes-to-all
    expand all
    select lt.newer.files lt.diff.files
    copy lt->rt
    Save this off as a script called anything you want, say "C:\backup.script" for example.

    If you have several directories/sessions, you can create a batch file:

    {path}\bc2.exe @C:\backup.script {Session1}
    {path}\bc2.exe @C:\backup.script {Session2}
    {path}\bc2.exe @C:\backup.script {Session3}
    Where Session1/2/3 above correspond to session names you created and saved. Now, you can use the Windows Scheduler to launch you batch file whenever you want.

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  • a2t
    started a topic Easy Ques for new user

    Easy Ques for new user

    Im using BC to back up both my laptop and desktop onto external 250gb drive. Once I get more webspace it will go up there, but for now this is all I can do.

    I want to do following :

    1. automatically launch BC at 2am and compare a bunch of different folders to those stored on the external. I dont want to hit yes, go, copy right, anything. I want it to just open, start, compare, copy, close. I want to compare/copy about 10 different folders in this way.

    So Im using windows xp home and the schedule task manager. It opens bc fine, but waits for me to hit copy right button. Obviously Im fast asleep at this time, so it never starts.

    Also, ive only been able to start the current session - it wont continue on to next session. I assume 1 session = 1 folder, so I need multiple sessions.

    Correct me if Im wrong, I probably am.

    Thanks in advance!